Bike Index - Protect Your Ride

Losing your bike is a tragedy. In 30 seconds a thief can turn you from a city-cruisin' super cyclist into just another pedestrian. Your transportation, your support, your all-day every-day, gone in the blink of an eye.

But, after locking up correctly, what can you do to make sure your ride's protected from the seedy underworld of stolen bikes? The answer is registration.

When your bike's taken it can leave you feeling a lot like Bruce Wayne. Not adult Bruce, not rich Batman Bruce, but young Bruce who just lost his parents outside the theater on that fateful night in Gotham. Lost in the city with no way to get home, unsure who to call, and feeling more alone than ever before.

Also like Bruce, you probably feel an innate and overwhelming drive to get justice. To find the people who stole your happiness and see that they get what they deserve (and most importantly, get your bike back). That's where Bike Index comes in.

Bike Index is your hotline to Commissioner Gordon. They're linked into over 300 police departments, bike shops, and communities nation-wide and they'll share the info about your missing bike so that if it turns up for sale, trade, or in a perp's apartment - they can get it back to you.

So far they've helped recover over 3,200 stolen bikes - and all you need to do is register your ride in their free database! Read up on where to find your serial number and then sign up!

And, if you've registered your bike with us, you're already in! We share our registry with Bike Index and we've already registered over 500 Pure Cycles rides for customers who'll be that much more likely to get their bikes back if things go south!

So, what're you waiting for? Register your ride and pedal with the peace of mind that the people of Gotham have your back. 

We'll see you out there.