Brand Spotlight: Hiplok

We're always on the lookout for new gear, gadgets, and general sweetness to improve life on two wheels. We're consistently amazed by just how many companies there are out there working to make the bike life better and, every once in a while, we come across a brand whose mission, vision, and style is such a perfect fit that we can't help but buy it all. Hiplok is one of those awesome companies!

Hiplok's been protecting bikes since 2011 when they rolled out the Hiplok Original, the world's first wearable bike lock that didn't require a key to get you unwrapped. Since then, they've grown to offer huge range of products, from at-home lock-up options, lightweight, quick-stop solutions, and gold-rated uber-locks.

They're constantly tweaking their techniques to stay ahead of thieves' evolving tactics, and the result is a line of locks that leaves bike boosters shivering in their bibs.

From top-of-the-line R&D, decades of experience in the bike biz, and an eye for style, the guys and gals at Hiplok love keeping bikes safe and they do an amazing job of it. It also helps that they really enjoy "trying" to defeat their own locks, because nothing cuts the stress of a workday like shooting sparks out of an angle-grinder while you buzz futilely against a bit of hardened-steel.

Check out the full-line of Hiplok gear on our site and snag something to keep your ride safe!

Then ride happy, and we'll see you out there.