Brand Spotlight: Kryptonite

In our endless search to make the bike life even better, we come across a lot of companies working hard to improve the two-wheeled experience. Occasionally, we'll find a shop or supplier that's crushing their corner of the market so hard, they can't help but start to think bigger and look for other bikey problems to solve. That's where Kryptonite comes in.

For years they've dominated the security market, making locks and parts to keep your ride safe on the streets. Now they're setting their sights on the night.

From baby-blinkies to help you be seen on the road, to lumen-stuffed super-blazers designed to light up the whole street, Kryptonite's been cranking out the candlepower and we just can't get enough.

Of course they're still making their top-of-the-line robbery-stoppers too, so now you can let Kryptonite watch your back on the road and on the rack.

Swing by the shop to check out our full supply of Krypto-coolness. We can't wait to see what they come up with next.