Brand Spotlight: Ornot

We're always on the lookout for new things that make life on two wheels easier, more fun, or full-on awesome. What keeps surprising us is just how many companies there are out there focused on doing all three of those things and consistently knocking it out of the park. Ornot is one of those shoutout-worthy setups.

Founded in 2013 as a cycling apparel outfit headquartered in S.F., Ornot set out to design and deliver stylish, comfortable, performance-oriented bike wear, without all the logos, branding, and busy-ness that had dominated the bike-apparel market for years. Their concept was a simple one, "You can choose to be a rolling billboard, Ornot".

Because domestic production and high-quality are foundationally important to them, all of their gear is designed in SF and manufactured throughout the USA. Sure, sometimes that bumps up the costs, but for the quality of their product and the happiness of their workforce, it was an easy choice for Ornot to make. 

We're stoked to carry their socks, jerseys, bibs, and bags - and can't wait to see what's next out of the little shop to the north.

You can snag their stuff on our site, or swing by the showroom to treat your eyes to their awesomeness in person. Just don't wait too long if you see something you love. They whip up the newness fast, and you won't want to miss out on your favorite color combo.

Happy riding, we'll see you out there.