Brand Spotlight: Timbuk2

It's pretty amazing, once you start living the bike life it quickly becomes clear just how many people there are out there hustling to make the world a better place for bikes (and people in general)! From community co-ops and bike crews helping on a local level, to advocacy organizations and international companies making progress with the powers that be, we love being able to support anybody out there fighting to improve life on two wheels - Timbuk2 is one of those companies.

What started out as a one-bag outfit has since gone on to re-write the book on custom carry-alls, revolutionized what local manufacturing can mean for a community, and taken huge steps to become one of the greenest companies out there today. We’re thrilled to partner up with them to make biking (and the world) better for everyone.

They're the second largest manufacturer in San Francisco (how's that for local?) and they're committed to cutting waste - so committed in fact that they haven't tossed a bag in the last two years, and they've even rolled out  a program to recycle old bags to those in need (and hook up donors with a discount on a new tote of their own)!

From backpacks to saddle bags to satchels and beyond - Timbuk2 is cranking out top of the line gear, and they're a company we're proud to support. Check them out at a store near you, or scoop any of their bags on our site and we'll have 'em sent straight to your door.

We'll see you out there.