Brand Spotlight: WD-40

WD-40's been a staple of gear boxes, garage shops, and tool belts for more than 60 years. If you need something un-stuck, there's basically nothing better than a can full of "water displacing" spray.

But, being so ubiquitous does have some downsides. For years (and from all over) we've heard bike mechs tell us to never use WD-40 as a chain lube. It's not a lube, it's a water-displacer, so while it'll get things spinning for a sec, in a few minutes you'll have a dry chain ready to seize up again. Stuck stem bolt? Spray away. But don't start spraying those hubs and drivetrains instead of using the appropriate lube or grease... at least until now.

Presumably because they were tired of telling people not to use their product on bikes, WD-40 went ahead and engineered an entire line of bike-specific products and they're awesome!

WD-40 Bike is everything garage mechanics wanted their WD-40 to be! A long-lasting lubricant that'll keep your chain spinning smoothly, fight corrosion, and help you make your components last.

Available as a dry lube (for those who pedal in the sun, sand and dust), a wet lube (for those who splash and mash through the wet), and an all-conditions spray (for year-round riders who deal with all kinds of weather).

There's a set-up for everyone and we're pumped to be stocking them online and in the shop now! No more mech warnings, no more misguided applications, and no more wasting all that original WD-40 trying to make it do something it wasn't designed for.

Just snag the right WD-40 Bike set up for you and get spinning. Smoothly.