Bring Your Bikes

With spring break on the horizon and summer stretching beyond that, the time is getting ripe for road trips, but no adventure would be complete without some two-wheeled tools of exploration. Don't leave your bikes behind on your adventures, bring 'em with you with the help of some sweet new racks from Yakima!

Hitch Mounts

If you've got a car or truck with a tow-hitch, the world of two-wheeled totage is your oyster! The Yakima Holdup, Twotimer, and the Ridgeback 2 and 4 mount easily to standard hitch mounts, and they pivot down and out of the way for trunk access, even when loaded up with all of your bikes!

All you have to do is decide if you prefer a tray-loader, or top tube holders. Decisions, decisions.

Strap Mounts

And if you're rolling hitch-free, the Halfback and Fullback are your strap-ready storage solutions! Engineered for easy installation, outstanding durability, and to protect your bikes and your car from dings and damage - you can be installed, loaded up, and on the road in a matter of minutes!

Funky Frames

Rocking a Step Through, Urban Commuter, Cruiser, or another swoopily styled bike? Don't leave your ride behind just because the top tube's not straight! The Yakima Tube Top snaps on in a second and makes any frame rack-compatible.

Or snag yourself the Twotimer and you'll be able to haul any ride. Huge tires? Check. Crazy custom frame? Check. Big wheels, small wheels, square wheels? Check, check, and check. If it rolls, you can load it up and it'll follow you all the way to your destination.

So don't plan a trip without arranging transportation for your bikes. Bringing them along's never been easier, and there's no better way to explore those far-off climes than with the wind in your hair and the sun in your face.

Happy travels. We'll see you out there.