Built for Beer

It's no secret that beer and bikes go together like tacos and tuesdays (or tacos and wednesdays, or thursdays...) the point is, rides are always better with a few brews to share with your crew. That's why when we designed our new front racks it was super important for us to make sure they could haul all of your beverage needs.

The Pallet Front Rack is 12.5" x 9.75" so it'll tote a 12-pack of tall-boys easily, with a little wiggle room for your favorite side snack. In fact, whatever your 12-pack of choice, cans, bottles, Squeez-Its, they'll nestle snuggly between the rails and ride with you all the way home.

The Urban Front Rack, at 10"x12", will carry a full 12-pack of your choice with room to spare too! And we made the side rails removable so you can add a pizza to your party or upgrade to a 24-pack, just strap it down and roll out!

(You can tell we've been celebrating our Volta hitting its goal with the "champagne of beers"). But whatever your brand of choice, we've got a rack that'll help you get from the store to the get-down, without spilling a drop!

So stock up, roll out, and sip happy. And remember to ride responsibly. We'll see you out there.