Carbon Fork + Road

Like peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter and jelly, (or peanut butter and anything), carbon fiber and road riding are two great tastes that taste great together! And, while you may not want to opt for a full-carbon frame because you still like to thrash your bike around a bit (and not stress when it's locked outside the bar), now you can add just the right amount of the magic-C to your Road Series with our full-carbon fork!

That's right, the same technology that leads out our Keirin Pro Elite can lighten and smooth out your road rides too! A lighter bike means speedier sprints, easier acceleration from a stop, and more comfortable climbing as you don't have to drag an extra bit of steel up the mountain with you anymore.

And carbon is famously supple in all the right ways. Stiff exactly where you need it to be so you don't waste power, but flexible enough to soften out the street noise, pot holes, and on-the-road imperfections that typically rattle your teeth and beat up your paws.

The swap's as easy as popping into your local bike shop, and you'll ride out even lighter, smoother, and speedier than before!

And we'll see you out there.