Charming New Carry-Alls

With the weather on its way back to warm it's the perfect time to upgrade your bike from short-runner to daily-driver - and that means sleek storage solutions. Baskets for hauling groceries, cages for bringing bottles, and a fresh look for you to ride into spring - we've got some tasteful new toteage to dress up your bike, let's check 'em out!

Basil Milk Bottle Basket

Harkening back to the days when you could pour yourself a bowl of cereal and just wait for the milk to show up comes this awesome rear pannier basket from Basil. Subtly dressed up with classic milk bottle silhouettes, it's designed to slip on and off of your bike easily and features a nylon handle so you can take it shopping once you're at the store. You won't have to buy a glass bottle of milk on every trip, but you'll want to.

PDW Bird and Owl Cages

And those errand-runs are always easier with some hydration. Ditch that boring, old bottle cage and Portland-ize your ride by putting a bird on it! We're loving these whimsical cages from PDW and, whether you opt for the swift or the owl-shape, you're bike's guaranteed to be more fly with some wings on it.

What are you doing to freshen up your ride for Spring?