With the holidays officially kicking off next week, this weekend is the perfect chance to sneak in some time in the saddle before all the in-laws start showing up. We'll be spending the next couple days spinning up the coast and thought we ought to spread the ride-spiration!

The recent time change may mean early sunsets (laaaame), but it also means the morning sun's out early to light your way along the open streets before everyone else has woken up and fired up their cars. It's the perfect time of year to load up the bike and hit the road early to put some miles between you and home before breakfast.

And a ride along the waterfront is just about as good as it gets. Endless, beautiful views, tons of food, drink, and break options, and you can basically stop anywhere and still be exactly where you'd want to be.

Whether or not you live near the coast, you definitely live by some natural wonders worth riding to. Lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts, forests - it's hard to find a backdrop that doesn't turn into an enchanted wonderland when the autumn light hits it just right.

So hit the road this weekend and start working up that hunger for Thursday's feast-ivities!

And ride happy. We'll see you out there.