Cold Rides, Hot Drinks

As the days start to cool down and the weather gets ready to bring the wetness, staying warm and happy on your bike will become more and more of a factor in how much you ride. And when it comes to the cold, there's nothing as cozy or invigorating as a nice warm drink. In today's post, we'll talk toting hot toddies/coffee/tea, so you don't have to let a little chill keep you on the couch (or in the car). Let's get toasty!

Bring Your Own

If you've got your favorite coffee or tea at home, bringing a piping hot cup of cozy on your rides has never been easier! With the Pure Cycles cafe cup, your toasty beverages stay toasty, all the way to your destination. We designed it to fit easily into your existing bottle cages, so all you need to do is top it off, pop it on, and roll out. Just don't forget to load a water bottle in the other cage if it's going to be a long ride. That coffee will only hydrate you so much.

Hit the Coffee Shop

If your ideal morning fuel comes from somewhere besides home, scoop it en route and enjoy your tasty treat all the way to work (and beyond). The Bookman cupholder clips on in a second (literally) and makes easy work of toting toasty beverages on two wheels. Don't choose between the commute and that venti extra-hot no-foam sugar-free vanilla latte - scoop one on the way and sip yourself warm all ride long.


And if you're more of a do-it-yourselfer or your adventures are taking you out of civilization this season, make sure you've got the gear to cook up a cozy cuppa. Thanks to a ton of USB-powered options for water heating, camp cooking, and coffee brewing, as long as you've got power - you've got the power to warm up something wonderful. Snag a mini or full-sized Kodiak power bank and you've got a mobile battery ready to brew up a storm. Or scoop a Siva Atom and use your own pedal power to make your dream drink a reality. And since it charges while you ride, you'll always be able to brew up a fresh cup when you make camp for the night.

And now you're rolling cozy. That first steamy sip after a long chilly ride will make it all worth it - and you'll never ride without some toasty backup again.

Happy riding. We'll see you out there.