Creative Bike Storage Ideas

Guest Post by Bryn Huntpalmer of Modernize

Riding your bike is freeing, but storing it can be a headache. Without the luxury of a garage or a shed, the wide bars, long frame, and dirty wheels can be problematic. You don’t want to damage your living space or sacrifice square footage, but at the same time, you don’t want to leave such a valuable piece of equipment vulnerable to the elements.

Thankfully, your bike can integrate seamlessly into your decor (or even become a home gym). Here are a few storage ideas that will make your life easier.

From Stationary to Mobile

An indoor trainer stand is the perfect solution for any fitness fanatic. Instead of buying an expensive machine for your home gym, you can convert your street bike into a stationary one with just one simple purchase. Make sure to select a model that will allow you to easily attach and detach so you can get on the go. Stocking up a home gym can get pricey, so this is the perfect compromise for both your storage and indoor exercise needs.

As Intentional Decor

Antique bicycles are often used as a way to add whimsy to a home’s look but modern bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as style statements for the home. If you have no option but to hang yours on the wall, make it a focal point of the room. Look for furnishings that tie the bike into the room’s color scheme so everything feels intentional. But don’t dress it up too much—make sure the bike is still accessible for everyday use.

A Place for Everything

Figuring out bike storage is one thing, but don’t forget about the accessories. Even when you have limited space, it makes sense to store everything together so that you can get out the door without making five stops on the way. This handy rack has a shelf for you to stash your helmet, gloves, and other relevant accessories—or add to your home decor with something a little more interesting, like books or a sculpture!

DIY Stand

As convenient as wall storage can be, it’s not the only solution. This white wooden crate/pallet stand can be fashioned from almost any box and protects the floor, wall, and furnishings while still allowing for easy access. The best part is, you can find leftover pallets in so many places, so a simple coat of paint will give you a free bike prop stand.

Simple Yet Effective Hangers

Sometimes bike storage problems require custom solutions. Experiment with DIYing a bike rack that suits your space and decor. These wooden plaques are much more suitable to this room’s decor than metal bars or a suspension system would be. They even have customized “his” and “hers” labels and were made for only $38.

Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an editor and writer for with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.