Easy Color Adds, For Less Than $10

So you scooped a bike, got your base going - putting in the miles, breaking everything in, and now you and your ride are ready to take it to the next level. You want to buy your bike nice things, show it that you care, and make it even more uniquely yours. In today's post, we'll cover some quick and easy swaps to add a splash of color to that monotone whip and help it stand out on the rack and in the streets! Oh, and all for less than $10. Let's jump in!


You can add a kick of color to your bars with a simple grip swap. A fresh coat of colorized rubber will keep your hands happy and give your bike the aesthetic boost it needs to stand out. 

Whether you pick your favorite shade, a pair that matches your wheels, saddle, etc..., or opt for leather to class up your cruiser, there's a pair that'll keep your mitts happy for miles.

Seat Post Collar

And on the other end of the bike, seatpost collars are an unassuming component perfect for dressing up. We just released our anodized series if you like 'em bright, or choose a more metallic color if you're trying to keep everything looking a bit more industrial.

It's a 2-minute swap (just pull the seatpost, swap collars, and put the post back), and your bike will be bearing a bit more awesome. 

Water Bottle Cage

Smack dab in the middle of your frame is an opportunity for even more personalization. Adding a bottle cage gives you a place to store your hydration, tools, burritos, and any other cylindrical carry-alongs!

Choose a contrasting color to make your ride "pop" or opt for matching tones to keep everything subdued. For less than $10 and two-bolts worth of wrenching, you're in business!

And Water Bottles

And once you've got your bottle cage installed, slap something in it! Bottles are a great way to keep your guts wet on the road, and they're a super inexpensive way to flash some color on your ride.

Rep a brand you like, a design you love, or declare your undying affection for your favorite condiment. Just don't ride thirsty.

Cable Housing

One last easy way to add a bit of spice to your bike is the cable housings. If you run brakes, you've probably got cables (unless you're living that Coaster life). And if you've got cables, you've got housings. Well those cable sleeves come in lots of colors, and it's a super easy way to add a touch of style, wrapped all over your bike!

Grab a set, swap 'em on, and you'll be riding even more colorfully.

And we'll see you out there.