Epic Summer

Summer is special. School’s out, heat’s in, and every day feels like the weekend. We’re ready to soak up the sun, and we want to share the celebration! Let’s make it an Epic Summer, Pure Cycles style!

Starting today in June, we’ll be giving one lucky rider a brand new bike, and we’ll do it all again next week… and the week after that… and the week after that… all Summer ’16!

12 different bikes, 12 different winners, 12 weeks of Epic Summer.


Let's kick off week 12! Get yourself entered to win, tell your friends (because Summer’s the season of sharing), and good luck! Hopefully your next beach day barbecue will come with a little extra bike-y goodness.

Winners So Far:

Week 1 - Jefferson - Nate Jarvis

Week 2 - Kumamoto - Frank Scaturro

Week 3 - Don OR Yoke, winner's choice! - Darla Peduzzi

Week 4 - Laurel or Cass, winner's choice! - Jennifer Essad

Week 5 - Custom Original SeriesBen Cowan Young

Week 6 - Limited Edition, winner's choice! - Chris Dittemore

Week 7 - Step-Through Cruiser, winner's choice! - Elaine Stottlar

Week 8 - Keirin Complete - Sean Owens

Week 9 - Zero - Jonathan Peacock

Week 10 - Micro Series, winner's choice! - Kellirose  Wilson

Week 11 - Classic Series, winner's choice! - Emily Mabry

Week 12 - Any bike! And so much more! - Jillian Yanos