Even More New Stuff!

The happiest, hauntiest night of the year is right around the corner, costume rides are coming up all over the country, and everyone's scrambling to get their candy bags ready for Halloween hauls. Lucky for us (and you), we just got a brand new batch of awesome accessories, perfect for a night on the town collecting candy and getting you and your costume to the big bash! Let's get spooky!

Ornot Bar Bag

Whether you pack it full of tricks or treats, the Ornot Bar Bag can carry all of your night-wandering necessities (and your tools, spares, wallet, etc...)! Made right here in the USA, we're starting to see these bags on every bike in the office and now everyone's eyeballin' the new color that just dropped - Code/Citron! If you've been waiting for the right time to snag a burrito bag, now's your chance! Just be sure to act quick, before we sell out again.

Ornot MacGyver Bag

And if you're packing a little lighter, or need a pack that'll play nicely with your costume, Ornot just dropped their MacGyver bag and it really is a jack-of-all trades. Saddle pack, bar bag, ride wallet, you name it! It's like having a pants' worth of pockets that you can strap anywhere on your bike or bod, thanks to Velcro straps and a super-lightweight build. Plus, they come in colors to match the bigger Ornot bags, so you don't have to search all over to get everything paired up perfectly.

Hiplok Z Lok

Last but not least, if you're rolling over to a party you probably don't want to be lugging a heavy lock everywhere, but you also want to make sure your bike, lights, helmet, etc... are still waiting for you when it's time to head home. For those accessory/light-lock situations Hiplok just released the Z Lok. Imagine an armored zip-tie with a key to save you from the constant snipping and plastic waste. Perfect for keeping your pricier accessories on the bike, or quick lock jobs when you're just going to "do a lap" and then bounce to the next party.

What's in your "boo" bag and how are you celebrating All Hallow's Eve this year?

Ride happy, stay spooky, and we'll see you out there!