Find Your Local Shop

There's nothing quite as nice as the hands-on help and encyclopedic knowledge of a well-oiled bike shop. Nowhere else can you roll (or limp) your bike in, shoot the shizz on bike bits new and old, and get the skinny on exactly what you'll need to get riding smoothly again. 

From mysterious noises to phantom drag and weird wobbles, the hands of a good mech will have you fixed up in a jif and, when it comes to learning about the latest and greatest in parts, accessories, and complete builds - your local shop will have that buy/sell/swap facebook group beaten hands down.

So when you're in the market for a new bike or need to get your regular ride a tune-up, how do you find the right spot? What used to take a flip through the yellow pages (those big heavy books that appear on your doorstep a few times a year and generally sit there until the next unsolicited batch arrives), now only needs a quick click up in the top right corner! Dive into our dealer locator, enter your zip code, and then choose the shop that's right for you!

All of our dealers are well-versed in our bikes, ready to answer whatever questions you have about becoming an owner, and will let you test and try all of our models until you find the right size and style for you! Their mechanics will be able to answer maintenance questions about all the nitty-gritty bits, and there's nothing they won't be able to handle wrench-wise when it's time for a tune up.

If you're interested in a top-tier experience with one of the best shops in the country, check the box that says "Premium Dealer" when you search and we'll point you at a local bike supplier who goes above and beyond in terms of stock, staff, and savvy! Shop sure that they'll have the bike you're looking for, plenty to test and try, and will be able to get you rolling on your new whip in no time! The ride may be a little farther, but for an amazing shop, a little extra riding time is just what you'll be craving on your way out anyway.

So dive on in and meet your new local hangout! Find your home shop, swing by to say "hello", and start the next chapter in your bike life - the one where you have the support of an entire shop, community, and culture behind you. We'll see you out there.