Flat Bar Road Bikes

Ready to conquer some climbs without going full 'Tour'? Trying to get to work fast, but without tossing on the lycra? Or maybe you're looking for a grocery getter with some get-up-and-go, but without the "race-ready" agro positioning. If that sounds like your kind of ride, we've got a brand new bike that's right up your alley - introducing our Flat Bar Road!

Our Flat Bar Road builds on our already-awesome road frame by bringing the bars up and back towards the rider, resulting in a more upright riding position that's perfect for a more comfortable cruise or keeping your head up while you wind through traffic.

It's a less aggressive position, slightly less aerodynamic, but way more "I'm out here having a great time on my bike" than "I'm training for my next race".

It still has mounting points for all your road-ride bells and whistles; fenders, bottle cages, racks, bags, lights, computers, cupholders, you name it - and it still has 16 street-ready speeds, so you can start from a stop easily, pop up hills on the fly, and mash your way back down the other side.

If you've been looking for a road bike, but were worried about getting used to drops - this ride's the answer.

Keep your head up. We'll see you out there.