Flip Your Lid

Helmets are a tricky subject. Some people swear by them, others swear they're bad for biking (and our lawyers say they're awesome and everyone should have one). 

I ride with my helmet every day, and if you're in the same camp, we've got some great news! A brand new brain protector that doesn't look like a dunce cap and has some handy features baked right in. Introducing, the Thousand!

These stylish shields feature insane attention to detail. Leather chin straps for chafe-free cruising, a pop-able lock hole so you can secure your helmet right to your bike, and all the CPSC (and other alphabet agency) certs to give you the confidence to keep on spinning.

Like a souped-up version of the skate-helmet you rocked as a kid, but this lid won't get you tossed from the coffee shop parking lot for loitering. 3 sizes, so you can snag one that fits. Lightweight, so you'll actually wear it. And just plain good looking.

Of course, some people might accuse you of fishing for compliments if you roll up with such a sweet headpiece. And sure, haters might hate - but they don't have your brain's best interests in mind. We've got your brain's back, though.

Ride happy. And we'll see you out there.