Whether you're jonesing for more ride-tunes, trying to coordinate a meet-up with your crew, or looking to light your way in the night - dead batteries are a deal breaker. When your electronics need a quick fix of the juice, a portable plug is just what the doctor ordered! And lucky for you, we've got two brand new road-side (or pool-side, park-side, bar-side) charging banks to keep your lights bright and your phone full!

From the same geniuses who engineered the Kodiak Mini and the Buckshot Pro come a pair of 2.0s guaranteed to keep you fully charged and up for whatever challenges your rides throw your way!

First up, if you're a light packer and can limit yourself to charging one thing at a time, the Kodiak Mini 2.0 will keep your speakers bumpin', your phone beepin', and light up camp with it's array of integrated LEDs! This pocket-sized charger will load up your USB goodies and keep you rolling, instead of looking for a plug.

And, if you've got the Tim Taylor bug and always need "more power!", Outdoor Tech developed their Kodiak 2.0 to keep all of your devices at 100%. With two USB charging ports, a rechargeable 6000mAh battery, and a built-in 6-LED flashlight, it's the ultimate camping support, party prolonger, and all around "thank god I brought the charger" bringalong. Because there's nothing worse than finally getting to the top of that gnarly overlook and not having enough battery to show your internet-friends.

And if eco-power's more your speed, don't forget about the solar-scarfing Lifepack, or the pedal-powered Siva Atom. Whatever you pick, just don't hit the road without some battery backup. We'll see you out there - fully charged.