How to Install Our Pure City Headlamp

With the darkness of standard time inflicted upon us, illumination is more important than ever. We redesigned our Pure City headlamp to make it even easier to install and in today's post we'll run through getting one all set up so you can light your way on those dark rides. Let's dive in!

What You Need


Once you've got all your gear in one place, it's time to get wrenching!

We'll begin by loosening the brake so we can slip the mount onto the brake bolt. Turn the handlebars away from you for easier access to the brake-nut and use your allen wrench to loosen it all the way (typically this'll take a 5mm allen).

(Note: If you don't have a front brake mounted, just swing over to your local hardware store or bike shop and pick up a nut/bolt combo that'll fit. Then follow along substituting "your bolt" for "the brake bolt" in the following steps).

Once the brake is loose, slip the loop side of the mount over the bolt. Place it in between both washers or forward of the two of them, whichever will give you clearance from the headset).

Now, tighten the brake bolt back up to the fork. Again, remember to turn the bars away from you to make your life easier. Be sure the mount is vertical and isn't touching the tire when you get everything all tightened up. Also, make sure that your brake is centered again with the brake pads lined up on the braking surface.

With the mount installed, we can now get working on the headlamp.

Use your 4mm allen to loosen the bolt on the other end of the mount until it's open and you can slip the headlamp in there.

Place the headlamp between the sides of the mount, slip the bolt back in there, and start tightening back up!

Before it's tightened down all the way, get the lamp pointed forward and oriented where you want it. Then finish tightening the bolt until everything's snug and held in place.

And you're all set! Turn on the lamp and take it for a test ride to make sure nothing's loose/rattling/etc... and then you're ready for a night on the town, basking in the glow of your new headlamp!

Ride on! We'll see you out there.