Hydrate in Style

With the Summer sun a-blazin', staying hydrated on your ride is more important than ever. But nobody wants their stylish ride marred by the trappings of practicality - and that's why we're stoked to be stocking even more awesome bottle cages that don't just carry your water, they let your bike express itself!

Vintage Style

If you're rockin' a classic looking ride like our Cleveland, Kennedy, or one of the Drop Bar Roads, the Vintage Leather Cage from Zefal will suit your style perfectly. Inspired by the cages used by early touring riders, thin chromed tubes keep the weight minimal and leather accents cushion what you're carrying while adding a bit of elegance to your commuter or grocery-grabber. 

Pair with a Brooks Saddle and some leather grips for the full vintage look.

Even More Birds

After the success of PDW's first "Bird Cage" (these things, fittingly, flew off the shelves), they're back with an even cooler round of coo-ing cages with their new Sparrow set up!

Sporting more detailed machining, wing cut-outs to keep weight down, and the same birdy-bottle-hugging that made the first batch so popular - the Sparrows come in Rose Gold or Copper making them an easy way to add a touch of color and a bit of character to that all-black bike, like your Juliet.

And Finally, a Cat!

And, as the perfect food-chain follow-up to a beautiful bird cage, PDW just launched their Lucky Cat Cage and we're stoked to have them in the shop!

Just like the lucky cats that adorn your favorite shops and restaurants, this beckoning bottle kitty keeps one hand on your water and the other waving good luck your way. Because most of us could use a little extra good luck on the road, and we could all use a little more cat on our bikes!

And don't forget to snag a snazzy bottle to fill your newly bought cradle. Ornot, Spurcycle, or even our own, all make awesome watery-compliments to these new cages.

Ride happy. Stay hydrated. And we'll see you out there.