Kickstarter Picks

The Epic Summer is underway and every day the streets are filling up with more and more people taking to town on two wheels! And more people riding means more minds working on making biking even better. Let’s jump into a fresh round of Kickstarter Picks and scope out the latest and greatest in upcoming bike tech!


Ready to really get hauly? Turn your bike into a cargo carrying machine with LIFT and you’ll never have a problem pedaling around kids, groceries, or party supplies again! Cheaper than a dedicated cargo bike and perfect for city-riders who don’t have room to add another whip to their stable – we can’t wait to see these in the wild (and on our bikes)!


While there’s never a shortage of wall-mounting options online, we can’t help but appreciate minimal solutions that keep your bikes tucked away without sacrificing the looks of your space. In that spirit, we’re excited about WellHung and its ability to hold basically any style of bike, all while maintaining a clean look that’d fit in well everywhere from dorms to offices to apartments and anywhere else you want to get hang-y.


Kickstands aren’t right for every ride, but you’ll definitely have moments when you wish you could do some quick work on your ride without having to go “wheels up”. Or maybe you want to keep your bike upright at home, without having to lean it on the couch, wall, etc… The Swagger uses a couple lightweight pieces of machined plywood to give you a versatile stand for all your on-the-go (and stay-at-home) stability needs. We’ll definitely be adding a few of these to the office equipment racks!