Kickstarter Picks: Fend Foldable Helmet

Helmets: you promised yourself (and your mom) that you’d wear one, but once you get off the bike all that amazing head protection turns into a headache. There’s just no great place to keep them. They take up a ton of room in your bag, you can’t leave 'em locked to your bike, and you need your hands free for your phone, snacks, classwork, etc… until now! 

The Fend helmet folds up to a third of it’s ride-size so you can slide it into your bag and out of the way once you’ve arrived! It’s not the first foldable helmet on the market, but it’s definitely the best looking and the early bird deals make it a steal right now!

Convenient, comfortable, and collapsible. You’ll never need to ride without protection again and you won’t be hamstrung by your helmet when you get where you’re going. We can’t wait ‘til ours show up!

Show them some love and snag one on kickstarter – and shop our past kickstarter picks right here if you’re more the “I’ll wait until they’re released” crowd.

Happy riding. We’ll see you out there.