Kickstarter Picks: PWR

Kickstarter: good. Knog: good. A new Kickstarter by Knog: where do we sign up?!

We're no strangers to scooping sweet new gizmos and gadgets on KS, but one thing that always slows down our day is stressing if all of our goodies are charged and ready to go. Luckily, the guys and gals over at Knog got just as tired of the bags full of batteries, charging cables, etc... as we did, and they came up with PWR.

Now, just like your drill, saw, and router at home, all of your bike-needs can share a modular power source and streamline that tangle of chargers into one batt that does it all!

Bike light, bluetooth speaker, camping lantern, head-torch, and a power bank for all your non-knog goodies to boot. All running on the same awesome source so you only ever have to keep track of one battery and one charger, instead of a hundred different ones that don't play nicely together.

Choose your tier, ditch your old batteries, and scoop a PWR of your own. There's only 24 more days to get in on the action on Kickstarter and we can't wait for ours to come in.

Happy charging.