Light Up for Fall

It's official: Summer's out, Autumn's in, but the bike life never stops - and that means you'll need to be ready to ride in low light, now that the sun's tucking in earlier and earlier each day.

In today's post we'll talk bike lights and the coolest new illuminators we're mounting up as we roll into the cooler months. Let's light it up!


The first magnetic snap-on/snap-off lights we fell in love with got some new colors just in time for fashion week (I'm assuming fashion week is a Fall thing). These lights are the perfect way to add a bit of visibility to your bike when you get caught out past the sunset or need to make "one more run" to the corner store before bed.

Magnetic bases mean they just snap right onto any steel parts of your ride and, if you're rockin' all-carbon, they include some silicone-strapped steel so you can get them mounted anywhere you need a little more illumination.

Small, but seriously handy. Around the shop, we even use ours a lot for lighting up hard to reach spots while leaving both hands free for wrenchin'.


And continuing the trend of design-driven bike lights; the new Curves from Bookman are another example of form and function being equally important. The swooping bend of the case looks retro-future cool, but it also makes your lights visible from the side and widens the beam so you stand out even better in traffic.

Perfect for night riders and Knight Riders alike. 


Last, but not least, the brand synonymous with keeping your bike safe is helping keep riders safe now too! Kryptonite's line of lights offers a little something for everyone; from the lightweight, "hey-there's-a-bike-here" Boulevard Series. to the high-powered, "wow-who-needs-the-sun?!" Street Series. Whatever the streetlight situation is, there's a Kryptonite set up to keep you spinning safely.

We've still got a month or so before the clocks change, but the sunset's creeping earlier and earlier every day. Make sure you're ready to ride in the darkness and light it up - so we can see you out there.

Happy pedaling.