Pop Up at 'the Beach'!

For schools all over the country, today's the first day of class and that means a return to the cluttered commons and congested campuses we said "goodbye" to just three short months ago. From Manhattan to Menlo Park, kids are strapping their backpacks back on, lacing up the last touches of their back-to-school outfits, and taking their first fateful steps into 2017's academic year.

Well, except at Cal State Long Beach, where students will have a chance to save their shoes the scuffin' and spin their way to school instead!

We've got a brand new pop-up shop on campus!

Whether you're a weathered 49er or a brand new addition to the Beach, you'll be able to snag a ride to haul you (and all your books, gear, etc..) to class, the gym, or the Nugget in style, speed, and ease.

We're posted up at the 49er shops and we'll be running the store all week long! So if your dogs are barking by the end of the week, grab a bike and save your gams for dancin'.

Swing by and say, "Hi!" And, as always, ride happy. We'll see you on campus!