New Hotness

As we bid adieu to Summer and say bienvenidos to Fall we're rolling out a ton of new stuff to spruce up your bike before you ride back to school! From hauling-gear to handlebars, from fresh grips to mini-fenders, it's a smorgasbord of accessories just in time for Autumn; let's dive in!

Fresh Goods

We've got a basketful of brand new goods to bedeck your bike.

If you're hauling books, beer, or your whole life on your bike, check out our new Plastic Crates to make toting a breeze!

If you ride through the wet, grab a pair of brake-mount mini-fenders to keep the road off your clothes and get to class clean.

If you're getting racy on the velodrome, consider swapping that tape for Track Grips to save a little weight and get even more aero.

And if you're really stacking the miles, grab some Pro Gel Bar Tape to cushion the ride. Your hands will thank you.

New Styles

And a few of our showroom staples are getting a facelift just in time for fall. 

We've re-engineered our Drop Bars to be more compact, road-friendly, and even shaved off a few grams!

Our Urban Saddles are now sporting some suede to bring their style up to date.

Our classic Wooden City Crate now comes in the best color of all time, matte black.

And our grips are getting a new dose of dopeness with our eco-friendly Cork Cruiser Grips!

Whether you're just putting together your first ride, or revamping your long-time workhorse for the weathery months, take a peek at all the newest stuff so you never miss your next must-have.

Happy riding!