New Potable Totables!

The perfect water bottle: some say it doesn't exist, others swear they held it long ago but have since lost it to the riptide of time. Some bottles are cast aside on that last brutal race climb, desperate to drop any extra weight in a frantic push for the win. Others are forgotten at parks, chewed up by dishwashers, or snaked by unscrupulous roommates.

We've all had to say "goodbye" to one of our favorite water haulers at some point, but we've learned to embrace the change as an opportunity for growth. A chance to bond with a new bottle! An excuse to find one that matches our new bike, kit, haircut, whatever! And if you've lost a bottle bud recently, we've got some great news - a whole slew of new bidons to keep you hydrated!

These Specialized Purist bottles are practically magic. They fight odor, mold, and staleness - to keep your water tasting as fresh as if came from a tall glass, even hours into your weekend wanders. And unlike glass, they fit snugly (and safely) right on your bike!

With four hot new looks, whether you're mashing your way through midtown or taking the scenic route to the top of Mt. Tam, there's a bottle perfect for you and your ride.

Because the only thing more important than staying hydrated, is staying happy - and these bottles can help you do both.

Cheers. We'll see you out there.