Nice Kicks

When your kick game's strong, you're strong. When your bike game's strong, you're free. And when the two come together just right, you're unstoppable.

That's why we're so pumped about our recent collab with Nice Kicks! They showed us some of the sweet new sneaks they rolled out for their VIP Sneak Peek/Grand Opening and we whipped them up some bikes to match!

Three custom bikes and sneaker pairs will be raffled off at the Grand Opening tomorrow, and we've got one more tucked away with a matching sneaker set that we'll be giving away in the near future here too!

The Nice Kick's public opening is tomorrow, so if you're in town - swing by and step up your kick game!

Keep your eyes peeled for more of our custom rides, and watch the blog right here for your chance to win a Nice Kicks ride of your very own and some sweet shoes to boot!

We'll be kicking off the giveaway soon, and you won't want to miss it!