Nick’s Stolen Bike: One Rider’s Road to Reunion

On April 19th, Nick Diodato became the latest New Yorker to become a victim of bike theft. His limited edition Wallace was stolen right from his apartment building by an enterprising thief, but Nick was anything but defeated.

Armed with footage of the suspect, a handful of flyers, and a flair for film – Nick took to the streets to ask the city for a hand reuniting him with his ride. #FindNicksBike was born.

For weeks there was no progress, until a cryptic message arrived from a cartel of bike thieves and...

Nick got his bike back!

In all honesty, we may have had some influence on those bike thieves coming around, but we couldn’t help ourselves – we love happy endings!

Now Nick’s back on the road with his Wallace and armed with some upgraded security to keep it safe.

Be sure to check out the first and second video if you want the full story.

We can’t wait to see where Nick and his bike go next!