OK Computer

It's been almost 20 years since Radiohead dropped their classic album and 10 years since Lezyne threw their hat into the bike computer game, and boy how things have changed!

In today's post we'll take a look at the newest offering from Lezyne's lineup and how you can make big data work for you on the road. Let's boot up!

Macro GPS

This is the evolution of 10 years of bike-computing from Lezyne. The Macro GPS is a fully-equipped ride-recorder, GPS mapper, and general info-absorber. No more draining your phone battery and using up all your data just to track your rides, let Lezyne do all the heavy data lifting.

The on-board GPS enables turn-by-turn navigation, "breadcrumb" tracking, speed, distance, elevation, and temperature recording - all without taking your eyes off your bike. 

Heart Rate Monitor

And if you opt for the Heart Rate Monitor Package, you get an HR chest-strap that seamlessly communicates with the computer to record your blood-muscle's beats!

Make the most of your workout by hitting your targeted heartrate, set notifications for if you move above or below your goal, and finally get some mileage out of that default "health" app on your phone!

Plus, it's pretty fun to wear off the bike too. There's something really 21st century about being able to graph your heart's response to scary movies, the super bowl, and any other activities you throw your bod's way.

Fitness Tracking

And the fitness data doesn't stop with heartbeats. Keep an eye on your calories burned, feet climbed, hours in the saddle, and get all of that fitness data calculated in relation to your gender, height, weight, etc... for more accurate numbers.

Strava and More

But the Lezyne Macro GPS isn't out to eliminate your Strava profile, it's here to improve it. Sync your computer to Strava for live, on-the-bike Strava Tracking and Segment Updates. See exactly how hard you need to push to get that KOM and let the world know the minute you take the top spot.

At the end of your rides, you can push the data straight into Strava or any fitness tracker of your choice! All your rides are saved as .fit files for easy import to whichever app you use the most.

All that and it even pushes your phone/text/call updates right to the screen, so you can see who's checking in without holding up the ride group.

In fact, once you've experienced everything this magic little box can do, riding without one just isn't the same.

We'll see you out there.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaaand we're sold out. We'll have more back in the shop next week though, so check back soon!