Our Favorite Strava Art

If you've dabbled in recording your rides, odds are you've tried Strava. The smart-phone stored ride app helps millions of cyclists track their routes, rides, and activities and provides awesome insight into your personal bests, favorite shortcuts, and more.

One of those "more"s is having a handy GPS map of your route, every time you finish a ride. And while, for some, seeing your progress mapped out in happy little red lines across town is enough - for others, the red lines are just the medium for their masterpieces. It didn't take long at all before cyclists worldwide started planning routes to draw, write, and doodle huge pieces of art using nothing more than their bikes and the cities they live in!

Sure, some are a bit sophomoric, like last week's 600+ mile ...sausage... spread across Poland, but others exceed our wildest expectations for what shapes our roads might take. These are our favorite Strava drawings to date!

Murphy M. rode for love when he pedaled out this proposal over 18 miles of S.F.

David Taylor turned the Pure Fix Pony Ride into a century+ with this adorable 150 mile pony across the pond.

And then he upped the ante a year later when he rode over 200 miles to squiggle out the shape of our favorite two-wheeled transpo!

Holiday themes are always popular, and there's nothing quite like Brett Lobree's 50+ mile turkey, pilgrim hat and all, to make you question the street layout in San Francisco... they must've meant to do that, right?

And no Strava art post would be complete without mentioning the king of route drawing, Stephen Lund of Canada. It seems like every ride of Stephen's ends up being something wonderful, and you can see them all at his gpsdoodles site, or right on Strava yourself.

From dinos, to racers, to wizards, and more - these are a few of our faves from Stephen.

And now it feels like time to take our route planning more seriously.

If we missed any of your favorite Strava works, leave them in the comments. And if you're interested in doing a little doodling of your own, hit the road! Pedal your masterpiece and send it our way, or join us on our next Tuesday Night Ride and see what we can draw up together.

As always, ride happy. And we'll see you out there.