How to install a Front Pallet Rack

This is our only front rack that is designed specifically for our Original single speed models but is also a great option for most solid axle front wheel set ups with forks that do not have eyelets. This rack is small enough not to get in the way but big enough for serious fun! The wood panels really give it a slick vibe. 

What You'll Need

    • Pallet Front Rack
    • Included Hardware
    • 5mm and 6mm Hex Wrenches
    • Your Bike
    • Phillips head screwdriver 
    • 10mm open end wrench 
    • 15mm open end wrench 

You'll want to start out by laying out your rack and make sure you have all necessary parts just like below.

Lets start by laying down the main support onto the bottom of the rack and placing the brackets over the top part of the support. Once lined up insert the four bolts using your hex key and 10mm wrench to secure.

At this point the main support will be secure but still move to allow you to position the arms later on. 

Now you will want to attach the bracket that will allow the rack to attach to the rear of the brake caliper. Follow the same tightening steps you did with the main support arms.


Since all the supports are now secured to the rack you can attach the middle pallet plank using the flat head bolts included. (There will only be 2 of these bolts).

You can now place this center board into the rack and line up the holes. Make sure the recessed holes are facing up. You will need to secure the bottom nut with a 10mm wrench while you bolt on the panel with a phillips head screwdriver shown below. 

Now that the rack is assembled you will need your 5mm hex wrench, 15mm wrench, 10mm wrench and phillips head screwdriver.

First step is to loosen and remove the front wheel of your bicycle as well as the front brake. The front brake can be removed by completely loosening the bolt on the rear of the frame. You'll want to swing the brake caliper up and over the bars to keep it out of your way for the time being.

You will now want to remove the axle nuts of the front wheel you set aside. This will allow the main supports to be slipped over the axle of the wheel.

Now insert the front wheel. Slip the bottom hole of the main support over the axle and secure with the axle nut last.

Time for the brake attachment point. This is the trickiest part of this install and a second set of hands will make it easier. You will now reinstall the front brake sandwiching the rack mount between the caliper washer and the caliper itself. I helps to thread the brake bolt through the rack bracket before inserting the brake bolt into the fork.

Now tighten the brake caliper and make any brake adjustments as needed. If you do not have a front brake on your bike, you can use the single longer bolt included in lieu of the caliper bolt.

You've done it! Rack installed! 

Good job! Now hit those mean streets and party on!!!