Race or Relax, New Upgrades to Meet your Needs

It's the first day of Summer! To some, that means "race season". To others, "summer vacation". But wherever you fall on the chill-compete spectrum, we've got some sweet new stuff in the shop to help you get the most from your bike this sunny season.


If you're dialing up the chill quotient for Summer and imagine lots of slow rolls, bike to brews, and aimless wanderings, we've got just the bars for you. 

The FSA V-Drive bars are perfect for W I D E B O Y E S, looking to stretch out on the road. 740mm of width gives you tons of control, a wide-open chest for easy breathing, and plenty of room for lights, locks, bluetooth speakers, cup holders, and whatever else you bring to the party. Plus, at only 11oz, they won't weigh down your ride despite their awesome size. Just watch out for mirrors when you're splitting traffic; "wide bars scrape cars" is a warning, not a misson ;).

There's also a new comfy in town, with the introduction of Brooks' Cambium in Rust. The vegan seat that exceeded our expectations was overdue for a fresh coat of paint, and the deep orange-red of rust is the perfect complement to a classic, cruiser, or step-through. Oh, and it's Brooks, so you know it's comfy enough to keep you smiling all ride long.


And if Summer means speed in your eyes, we've got some new gear to help you put the power down.

Take your track power to the stratosphere with the Vision NS Track 1X. Light, stiff, and just plain quick, this crankset is the perfect upgrade to lift your Keirin from the middle of the pack to the podium.

And it pairs perfectly with the FSA BSA -> BB386 Bottom Bracket. Instantly convert your BSA frame to BB386EVO spec, so you can run the latest and greatest in cranks (like the one above). Plus, titanium anodized alloy cups keep the weight down (and your bike looking 🔥 ), stainless steel bearings keep you spinning smoothly race after race, and all of a sudden you've got yourself a contender.

So whatever Summer means to you, stock up, wrench away, and ride on. We'll see you out there in the sunshine.