Riders of the Week

Summer's winding down, school's starting up, and we've got less than 30 days until we all tweet "Wake up" at Billie Joe Armstrong again, but first - lets' check out our four newest Riders of the Week!

@Bending_corners snapped a sweet shot of his new Keirin Pro build, @der.dk rolled his Echo through a geometric cityscape, @lucilehetier and her pupper pal did some exploring on her Victor, and @scratchmybaklund kept the #DiscsOutForHarambe on his custom Romeo.


They're each in the running for the Rider of the Month crown and all the goodies and glamour that go along with it! We'll vote soon, and if you'd like to get in on the next one, go for it! Grab your bike, your camera, and hit the road to take and tag your best #purefix pics!

Have an awesome Labor Day! We'll see you out there.