The long weekend is over and riders all over the world spent the extra time exploring, adventuring, and snapping some amazing #purefix pics. We've got four brand new Riders of the Week to carry us through the food coma and into Cyber Monday, so let's dive right in!

@jessssiielauren started us off strong donning the denim and hitting the road on her Delta, @xinkspillx took a black and yellow break with his Yankee, @ol___so also found some time to take in the sights with her Papa, and @grvnola hoisted his custom Juliet after a post-turkey celebration ride.

They're each nominated for November's Rider of the Month honors, and you'll have a chance to vote one all the way to the top in the next week! If you think you've got what it takes to compete in December, get to it! Hit the road, take and tag your best #purefix pics, and hopefully it'll be your awesome bike sharing the spotlight and carrying you to glory next month!

Happy riding.