Riders of the Week

We may be gearing up to roll into 2017, but plenty of people spent the lead-up to the new year by squeezing in a few more rides, snapping some great shots, and we've got four brand new Riders of the Week to celebrate!

This time @alohndrah got a great shot of her Victor giving the stony, grey beach a splash of color, @h2odboyz tossed on the BMX bars and hit the park with his tricked-out Mike, @chaiclops buddied up with @calojaime and snapped their Kilo and India taking a mid-ride break, and @sunshineray44 and her furry friend welcomed the newest member of their family - a brand new Bourbon!

They're all in the running for 2016's last Rider of the Month spot, but it's not too early to make your resolution to get some great bike shots in the new year! Grab your bike, your crew, and hit the road to take and tag your best #purefix pics. Maybe you'll be one of our first Riders of the Week in 2017!

Happy New Year! We'll see you out there.