Riders of the Week

What do Ryan Lochte, @erodriguez782, @barisabess, @cpt_highside, and @leech000 have in common? None of them got robbed this week!

And while that may be awkward news for team USA, it's awesome news for our four newest Riders of the Week; let's check 'em out!

@erodriguez782 showed his love for MIA on a roll around town with his Juliet, @cpt_highside learned that you can't keep a Ruxton in confinement, @leech000 celebrated with a friend after conquering some parking garage climbs on her Original Series, and @barisabess struck a pose in front of the bricks with her X-Ray!


At the end of August, they'll all be in the running for those cherished Rider of the Month honors, and you could be too! Just jump on your bike, roll out to your favorite spot, and snap and tag your best #purefix pic! Do it right and it'll be your ride we're all admiring right here next week!