Saddle Swap

Whether you’re yearning for the comforting caress of a Brooks or the racy support of a Selle Royal, there comes a point in every rider’s life when you just know it’s time for a new throne. In today’s post we’ll walk through a saddle swap, so you can get that new seat situated and hit the road fast. Let’s get wrenchy!

What You’ll Need

This’ll be a pretty speedy, simple, swap. All you’ll need is your new saddle and an allen wrench! It typically takes a 6mm, but that can vary a bit. Either check your seatpost ahead of time, or just have a 4/5/6 or 3-10 handy and you’ll be ready no matter what’s hiding under there.

Out with the Old

Alright, let’s remove that old saddle. Take a look underneath and locate the bolt (or bolts, depending on your seatpost) that secures the saddle rails. This is also a good time to make a mental note of how far forward or backwards your current saddle sits in the clamp so you can get your new seat dialed in more quickly.

Use your allen wrench and give the bolt(s) enough counter-clockwise action to loosen them to the point that the saddle slips free.

You don’t need to fully remove the bolt, just get it loose enough that you can raise the clamp and pivot it 90-degrees to liberate those rails.

Set your old saddle into your project/e-bay pile, and now we can get the new one on there! 

In with the New

Now we’ll just reverse the removal process and be ready to roll! Position your new saddle over the seatpost and rotate the clamp 90-degrees so it’s settled back over the rails. Do your best to keep the fore/aft positioning of the saddle the same as the one you removed. 

Now, hold the saddle level and tighten the bolt(s) back up! Once everything’s tight, your new saddle install is complete and you can hit the road!

Getting used to a new saddle can take some time, so use your first few rides to dial in the positioning, but don’t go nuts on adjustments – make sure you give yourself time to get a feel for each tweak so you’re not just responding to the novelty of your new seat.

And now you’re all set! Enjoy all those miles in your new saddle, and we’ll see you out there!