Shine Bright

With summer on the horizon, the fields are bursting with flowers and everywhere you look bright colors are reclaiming their space in the landscape. Don't let leave your bike behind in the drab tones of winter - brighten up your ride! We just got in even more awesome stuff from around the world, let's take a look at some of the most colorful!

Lucetta Magnetic Lights

These handy snap-on lights just got a makeover and they're better than ever! No struggling with stretchy straps, no "where do I store all these" headaches, just light when you need it and a pocket-ready package when you don't. Magnets hold them together for safekeeping. Magnets hold them to your bike while you ride. And now that they come in 5 awesome colors, the hardest thing to decide is which pair will suit you best!

Even More ORNOT Socks

Nothing brightens up your wardrobe (and helps put off laundry day) like a fresh pair of flashy foot sleeves! We've fallen head over heels for Ornot's awesome socks, and our newest pair in "Intersection" livery will add a colorful kick to any ride wardrobe. These puppies are so comfortable you'll want to wash them every night so you can wear them every day (but it's easier to just buy a few pairs).

And New Jerseys!

And our first batch of Ornot kit sold so well, we came back for seconds - and this time, we've got something for the ladies too! Even though it's set on black, the Ornot Intersection Jersey is a kaleidescope of cool in a colorway that's as fresh as ever.

Pair it up with a set of Ornot's new women's bibs and you've got yourself a kit brewing! All that's left to decide is where to ride.

We'll see you out there.