Stay-Fresh Lids

The Summer sun is beating down and your hat is the only thing between your head and the heat (except when you have your helmet on). And once we roll into Autumn, the setting sun will be blinding commuters and you’ll need some wear-able shade to keep your eyes comfy. Lucky for you, we’ve got four brand new lids to keep you fresh all year round! No preservatives, no additives, just Pure style.

PF Five-Panel Patch

Flex your fixed-gear fandom and hide that bedhead in one fell swoop. You can never have too many five-panel caps, and you definitely don’t have this one yet. With a hand-lettered design straight from our art department, this is the official office-lid of Summer ’16.

PF Five-Panel Suede

And if you’re rolling somewhere a little more khaki and classy, dress up your ride-wear with some sexy suede. Hand-cut leather branding and a suede brim make this some grade-a Sunday wear. We’re not saying it’ll make someone give you their yacht, but you could always hang at the marina and see what happens.

PF Wool Caps

The magic of wool makes this hat an obvious choice for cooler climes, but it’s a surprisingly versatile warm-weather option as well! Like a thermos for your head, it keeps your dome cool in the heat and warm during the chillier months so you’re always comfortable and can focus on riding.

If your head’s still naked – fix that. Do your dome a favor and put a lid on it. Stay fresh, and we'll see you out there.