Support the Bike Life

Life isn't all coasting and party rides, but there's something about spending time on two wheels that makes riding over life's rough spots a bit easier. There's also an undeniable sense of community between riders, so we're all buoyed by the fact that we're not in it alone. In today's post, we'll talk about a couple ways you can help some fellow riders who're in a tough spot and help make the bike life better for everyone. Let's jump in!

North Bay Bike Project

The fires in NorCal this year were devastating. Many lost everything and almost everyone knows someone who was directly affected by the blazes. 

The North Bay Bike Project was started by two moms motivated by their love for community and family with the hope they hope that, little by little, bike by bike, they could help people heal, be made whole, and once again find solace in the saddle.

We're thrilled to be supporting them in their cause and, if you have a few minutes and a few bucks you can help too. Every bit helps and the opportunity for affected families to begin the return to normalcy is overwhelmingly appreciated and impactful.

Places for Bikes

And if you ride regularly, you can help make biking safer for everyone by taking 5-minutes to fill out PeopleforBikes' PlacesforBikes survey!

We've been fans of PfB for a long time, and if you've ever attended one of our Draft nights, you've seen and heard firsthand the good they do for the the two-wheeled community. The annual PlacesforBikes survey helps PfB understand the experiences, apprehensions, and risks riders face nationwide so that they can be as effective as possible when advocating for safer streets.

So take 5-minutes and let them know what it's like to ride in your city - and help even more people feel safe enough to take to the streets.