New - Track Completes

Race season is back! Whether you run crits, alleycats, or mash at the local drome, we've got some big news for podium seekers everywhere. We're excited to introduce ...

PFTV3 Training Tips: Going Clipless

If you're riding fixed, foot retention is a must. But even if you're rolling with a freewheel, nothing will boost your efficiency, power, and connection to your bike...

Encino Omnium

The Encino Omnium, Pure Fix‘s flagship track event (and first of many), was a huge success. The Omnium was broken into four categories of riders, competing over three races for the title. Hours before the first race kicked off a group of 20 fresh riders came to the Velodrome to get track certified by Henry Shibata. Many of those riders went on to compete in the Omnium, their very first time racing on the steeply banked walls.

As much as I hate watching crashes, this one is actually worth it.  Check out the skid at the 28 second mark.  Oh, and did I mention they’re tandem bicycles?

Track Sprint

Well, it’s been raining in LA this week (I know, shocking), which means we weren’t able to make it out to the track.  Luckily, I found this awesome piece by the New York Times about match sprint strategy, definitely worth a look!