Shami's "Top 10 Unforgettable Moments on my Track Bike"

With Olympic track racing underway, it's the perfect time to hear from our local speedstress, Shamane! From street-level crits to the high-banked walls of the drome, she's done it all for Pure Cycles Racing! Here's her personally-curated top 10 memories with her track whip:

10. My Many Adventures Through Mountains & Streets

With my Keirin track bike I felt like I could do anything I put my heart and mind to. It's handled all types of terrain; from Rocky Mountain mud and snow in Colorado for training, to commutes through sketchy LA streets, alleys, and mountains to get to those sweet design gigs.


9. Architecture + Racing + Positive Future = THE LAST CRIT with Kushtown

In January 2016, the EPIC 6th street bridge was officially going to be demolished “due to structural integrity” and rebuilt as a widened, bike-friendly bridge. So naturally we had to have one last urban street race/party on it. I almost slept through it, but then realized that it was more than just a race. It was the mark of our City of Angels transitioning from a car-centric infrastructure to a more inclusive multi-transportational city that connects our diverse community. My memories of the race are bittersweet: the epic night rides mashing through illuminated cityscape views on a historical landmark vs. the symbolism of a future where bikes and pedestrians are accepted and respected.

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(photo cred: Matt Tonico from LA Weekly)

8. Teamwork @ Encino Omnium with Smaish!

We placed 1st & 2nd, felt on fire with strategy, and we almost lapped the field! It was the first race where Aish and I worked together as a team; strategizing and implementing a well-timed plan of attack. It felt intelligent, empowering, and simply amazing.


7. 1st in the Plan B Alleycat race

When the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race got CANCELLED Hern Montenegro hosted the Plan B Alleycat. My Pure Fix/Elohssa teammates (the OG PF team) Anthony Erazo and Abraham Figtree helped me navigate the route and win the race (because I suck with directions!). We made quick team decisions, encouraged others in passing, and I couldn’t have done it without them!

6. Hosting my first women’s ride for SWAT: Valley Girl Training Ride

I took the women through my favorite Valley route while practicing correct body posture and techniques for pacelining, sprinting, and breathing. She Wolf Attack Team has been an amazing way to connect to women in the Los Angeles community and encourage others to break through barriers and ride free together.

5. 1st Time Cranking Up the Los Angeles National Forest FIXED with @elohssacycling.

The last 3 miles I was out of the saddle, I made it to RedBox, grabbed a Coke, enjoyed the view, and felt the glorious wind curving downhill: stoked as ever!

4. Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit!

Racing with pros in a sanctioned race was an incredible test of small goals (sprinting out of every turn and never giving up!). This is by far my favorite Wolfpack Hustle course: the hairpin turn, the location, the crowd and competitor turnout...all of it.

The field grows exponentially every year. 2016 had a record-breaking 30 women racing!! 

This was also the first official race Smaish Ketchum did fixed in 2014. That day she asked me, “What do you do to get fast?” So I gave her tips on my knowledge of training, eating right, stretching, cross training, and meditation to be mentally prepared (and, of course, just having fun!). We have grown so much as cyclists, impacting the community on and off the bike, and I am so happy to call her a rad friend and teammate.

(Photo cred: Julio Hernandez)

3. She Wolf Attack Team (SWAT) published in Urban Cyclist Magazine.

I was told that my example in the race scene motivated others to break through mental boundaries and push themselves beyond their presumed capabilities. “She told us her source of energy: 'Empower yourself by trusting in yourself and by allowing others to empower you.' ” That was a cool feeling!

(Photo cred: Raquel “Rocky” Natalicchio @rockmyworldrocky)

2. Pure Fix Sponsorshiiiiiiiip!

This was a big day. I couldn’t believe we were signing contracts to race bikes, have fun with friends, and spread the positive vibes in the community!

1. Lord of Griffith V (2013)

My first fixed gear race,  I had never ridden brakeless or raced in an urban street race before this day. As the only woman racing, I encouraged the dudes not to give up as I passed them, finishing as Queen of Griffith!

The fruits of my labor and all the friends that these adventures have brought in my life have strengthened the very core of my being and have given me the confidence that I WILL accomplish anything I set my sights on.

Now it's time to go ride bikes!