The Cyclists We Strive To Be.

Cycling is hands down my favorite sport. Now don’t get me wrong I have been known to cheer with much gusto for my boys in blue, however cycling for me is next level.

This sport encapsulates a vast range of emotions. Take a grand tour like the Tour de France for example, for 21 days and 2200 miles you watch as 198 riders embark on a journey of thrilling highs and agonizing lows. There are strategy and deception inside the peloton that can lead to high drama at the end of any stage, and the race can change in an instant. It can be quite possibly some of the most riveting stuff you will watch. Not to mention some of the rider nicknames are fantastic. The Manx Missile or The God of Thunder, I mean c’mon those are rad!


However, for many people, this is a sport that has a bit of an image problem. In recent years doping scandals and other instances of cheating have plagued cycling putting a bad taste in peoples mouth. Compounded on top of that there is this perception that cycling is an exclusive club that has a particular set of rules that are adhered to at all times.

Rest assured, I understand that there is a time and place for the discussion of weight savings, the analysis of power data, and perfecting your training regimen. But, I also think that it is important to take a break from the achievement-based motivations, to remember the simplicity of the bike and enjoy every moment you spend during your ride.

Here are few things that help maintain the passion.

Explore More

The bike is your machine for freedom. You are able to see more & do more than you ever thought possible behind your handlebars. You open yourself up to find new roads, gravel adventures or even a coffee spot that you might not have known about. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to dictate where you go.

bike exploration

No Need For Speed

Taking things slow is ok; in fact, I recommend it! I am personally a fan of café time; there honestly is nothing like finding a coffee shop along and stopping off quick espresso. It is not always about pushing huge gears, sometimes enjoying an evening sunset; an epic mountain vista or just nice chat with a friend can add value to any ride.

It’s All About The Ride

Setting some parameters for your ride like #NoGarminNoRules is important. Unplugging during a ride can be a liberating thing. When you are not concerned with data analysis or chasing a KOM on Strava, you can get to soaking up all that sweet freedom cycling provides.

Be that friendly out on the road.

Be that friendly out on the road. Wave, nod, or chuck the deuce. I promise that there is no one too pro to say hello. Remember that the people you see along the way share a love for cycling, this can be a great jump off point for any conversation you might have with your fellow two-wheeled travelers. Spread Love; It’s The Cycling Way!

So while there is part of the sport that is based in competition, for many of us cycling has been and will be a truly deep ceded passion. For so many people that passion stems from that first time we hopped on a bike and experienced that life-changing freedom it can give. Now it is up to us as stewards of cycling to choose how we share this passion with others because this will dictate how cyclist and cycling are perceived by those on the outside of the sport looking in. This is the cyclist we strive to be.