The Ultimate Base Camp Backpack

We're always on the lookout for "swiss army" gear, stuff that packs a lot of practicality in a pared-down package. From multi-tools to repair packs, we've seen it all - or so we thought. Today we discovered Lifepack.

Backpacks have long been one of the biking basics, helping you get all your junk from A to B with no more hassle than tossing it over your shoulders. Lifepack took that ethos and ran with it all the way to brilliance. They've developed a bag that's got an entire base camp worth of goodies baked right in!

Never get to the party without a charge thanks to the solar powered charging bank. Yeah, you read that right. This bag includes a dual USB charging station, powered up by the sun while you ride around town! Sure, you can charge it with an outlet too, but after a sunny commute you'll have all the juice you need to keep going and going and going...

And you can bring the party with you thanks to the charger's integrated bluetooth speaker. Take your tunes on the road to keep your pedaling peppy, and turn any destination into an impromptu dance party, all from the convenience of your backpack.

Group ride heading somewhere sketchy? Keep your bag on lock thanks to the handy retractable combo cable. It's no U-lock, but for cutting down crimes of convenience (or providing your bike with another layer of "keep moving, thieves") it can make the difference between riding home happy or empty-handed.

Wet-weather? The Lifepack has a waterproof raincover. On-the-go errands? Take advantage of the conveniently covert, easy-access strap pockets for your essentials. Hydration? Comfort? Durability? This thing's over-engineered to pass every test with flying colors and has clearly been built by people who've spent their time in the saddle.

Seriously, this thing is replacing most of the stuff that used to take up space in our bags. Swing by HQ and try one on, your imagination will do the rest.

We'll see you here.