Trunk Space

Ride to school, work, or the store for more than a week and your back will be begging you to ditch that bag and find a rack. Hauling all of your stuff on the bike and not your body is a game-changer, and our new Urban Rear Rack makes the transition easy!

Where backpacks leave you shirts sweat-soaked, a well-loaded rack leaves your bod free to breathe. Instead of arriving with your shoulders sore from straps, a rack'll give your legs (a little) more work to do, but keep your back healthy, flexible, and fit! And when it comes to heavyweight hauls, there's really no comparison - half a mile with a couple 18-packs on your back feels like a century, half a mile with those beers on the rack is just another cruise.

I added one of these puppies to my Road Series almost as soon as I built it up, and it's already paid for itself a hundred times over in comfort, ease, and classic bike vibes. We engineered it to snugly hold two 18-packs of Coors (or your favorite brew), and it does a flawless job of carrying my cooler, groceries, and bike gear every day too.

The outer rail is removable, so you can strap down larger loads - or use it to add tie down points for loose ones. It's probably the most practical rack ever designed, and for less than $50 it even costs less than most bags. 

So what will you carry? Post pics of your hauls in the comments, and ride happy.

We'll see you out there.

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