Turkey Day Prep!

The big day is tomorrow. The potatoes are peeled, the turkeys are defrosting but, if you're riding out to meet family and friends, you may still have some pre-feast prep to do. Let's talk Thanksgiving!

Get out the good forks

Whether you’re hugging your knees at the kids’ table or trying’ to keep your cool at the politics grown-ups’ table, there’s no substitute for a great fork. Carbon fiber is light, strong and, most importantly, so so comfortable. A carbon fork gobbles up road noise like your uncle and the leftover pumpkin pie. And, after your hands spend Thursday shoveling food, you’re going to want to give them a break.

Put on your stretchy pants

Spandex is aerodynamic, sweat-wicking, and stretchy in all the right ways. There’s a reason it’s the favored material of bike racers and buffet raiders alike. If you ride out for Thursday’s turkey, a fresh pair of bibs will keep you cool en route and leave you plenty of room for stuffing in more stuffing once you arrive. No belt loosening required.

Plan your attack

There’s nothing worse than showing up on time but without the cornbread. Take some time to whip up your turkey-day attack plan and you can roll out stress-free knowing you’ve got everything you need. Make a list of dishes you’re bringing, make sure your bike’s in good shape, and plan a calorie-appropriate post-meal route for the way back home. When it all goes right tomorrow, you’ll have your careful planning to be thankful for.

And now you’re ready to take on turkey day! Have a happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you out there.