Which Bike?

When we first started out, we had our Original Series, and that was it. Simple, single-speed/fixed-gear bikes that were the perfect intro for a lot of us to the world of two-wheeled transport.

But, as we met more bikers, travelled to more cities, and spent more time in the saddle – we’ve grown as company and as riders, and started to get a hankering for some different styles of ride. Because sometimes you want to mash, sometimes you want to cruise, and sometimes you just want to run to the store and bring the groceries home without wasting any gas.

Add in an unavoidable dose of “N+1”* and you’ve got a recipe for a growing fleet of bikes. Now we’re proud to offer our Originals, Premiums, Track Bikes, Classics, Step-Throughs, Cruisers, etc…! But all that choice can make it harder to decide which one’s perfect for you.

Until now! Our team has gotten so good at fielding calls, chats, and helping people pick the right steed, that we went ahead and streamlined the process with a helpful little breakdown of the different models we offer, and what they’re perfect for!

So fret no longer, dive right in, and discover which bike is right for you! (Though, we’re still super happy to help you narrow it down if you need a little more guidance).

Good luck and happy riding!

*The number of bikes you need is always N+1, where N is the number of bikes you currently own.